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Hip Hop Abs
Day 1

Nice tits

Lol I just saw this =PI’m glad you enjoy my tits aha

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Dont know why I couldnt upload this as a picture post..

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ahhfuckittt: Like, seriously? How is it even possible to be as sexy as you are? <333

Lol I didn’t see this until just now!
Gah! You are awesome!<33

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ehmergerdyouf0undme: i must say, you are very good looking ;) thanks for following :DDD

Lol well thank you sir!!!

Your blog is pretty awesome, so.. of course I’d follow.

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Apparently I’m extremely jealous. lol

I can see it.

Though in the situation, I don’t see it. 

Don’t fucking wear my clothes while trying to get some ass. ^-^

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I forgot to do this

I don’t use this tumblr anymore.

Its filled with lots of memories so I don’t wanna delete it, but I have a fresh start on another blog. Which is why I renamed this one to “Things of the past”

So if you still wanna come along for the ride,

Its my time to smile

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I miss having someone I can:
  • Cuddle with
  • Relax with
  • Giggle with
  • Feel safe with
  • Go home to
  • Go out of my way for
  • Make silly little surprises for
  • Rely on without worry

I miss having that one guy. I think back to how things used to be and how happy I was… and I just miss that feeling of wholeness. 

There’s nothing special about being single. Sure you can go around and fuck whoever  you want. Do things without having to consider his thoughts… but when your heart is taken, those things don’t mean anything to you. All I want is his arms around me again. I really miss us.

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